EBC Day 1 – Surviving the World’s Deadliest Flight

Today's the day! I'm embarking on one of the most popular, yet difficult treks there is. The Everest Base Camp Trek. I checked out my hostel in the morning, hoping to dump my bag and head into the busy, dusty streets again to purchase some last minute trek necessities. Once I found the hotel where … Continue reading EBC Day 1 – Surviving the World’s Deadliest Flight

Culture Shocks in Kathmandu

After a bit of a restless night due to Mr Snorelax in the bed above me, I gave up trying to out sleep my alarm and got ready and headed to the airport early. Today I am off to Nepal, which is exciting but slightly terrifying! Before I landed in Nepal I had a six … Continue reading Culture Shocks in Kathmandu

Sweating it out in Singapore..

Here we go again.. After a long (actually I lie, it went bloody fast) 10 months, I am giving the trusty old passport another flogging. Where to this time you might be asking. Well loyal followers (Hi Mum!) I am in the clean, organised island of Singapore... For one whole day and a half. I … Continue reading Sweating it out in Singapore..

Machu Picchu – Finally!

Todays the day! The sun is shining , the tank is clean (actually it was pouring rain but I just wanted to use a Finding Nemo reference) and we were going to Machu Picchu! I had barely slept a wink all night because I was too excited. Before last night I hadn’t really thought about … Continue reading Machu Picchu – Finally!

Aloha Hawaii! Day 1 in O’ahu

We arrived into Honolulu at 5:45am after a rather lovely flight from Brisbane. The plane was only about half full so as soon as the seatbelt sign switched off, K, L and myself dispersed and claimed a row to ourselves. For an el cheapo Jetstar flight that we’d been dreading, it was actually one of … Continue reading Aloha Hawaii! Day 1 in O’ahu

Birthdays, countryside and one really big pie.

This morning was a bit of a special one – my birthday! I turned the big 23, however I like to think of it as 21 + 2 years :p I actually wasn’t too fussed about my birthday, it just felt like another day. I guess that means I’m getting old! After a quick brekkie … Continue reading Birthdays, countryside and one really big pie.

Meeting the Folks – Back in London Town

My time in Turkey came to an end quicker than I had anticipated and before I knew it, it was time to leave and meet my parents in the UK. A solid 15 hours of travelling including three airports, five hours sleeping on an airport bench, two dodgy airplane meals, one expensive box of Turkish … Continue reading Meeting the Folks – Back in London Town