Drievliet – The Dutch Disneyland

With some crazy luck I managed to visit two theme parks in two weeks! Considering it had been about three years since my last theme park visit, I was stoked at the chances of this happening. I wrote about Disneyland a week or two ago and now I bring you the Dutch version (sort of) … Continue reading Drievliet – The Dutch Disneyland

Casual Sunday Bike Ride.

Pulling up at my house in Scheveningen, I don't think I've ever been happier to get off a bike. I had spent the day cycling approximately 45 kilometres with two friends IB and A, for a casual Sunday bike ride. What was meant for a quick trip to the town of Wassenaar - about 8 kilometres … Continue reading Casual Sunday Bike Ride.

Tulips + Speculoos + Wine = Gezellig weekend

After two relatively quiet weekends I was ecstatic to have my three buddies C, K and P visit me in my little old city of Den Haag. It was probably the shortest turn around since we had last seen each other but it didn't make our time together any less special and like every other … Continue reading Tulips + Speculoos + Wine = Gezellig weekend

You Know You’re Becoming Dutch When..

Coming to the close of my seventh month in the Land of Dutch, I have noticed that I have picked up a few Dutch behaviours which I’m not sure whether I am ashamed or proud of. Regardless of how I feel about it, the truth is, I do all of the below. Regularly. Saying ‘Ja’ … Continue reading You Know You’re Becoming Dutch When..