Laguna, Lagunas & More Lagunas

It was another early start for us and after breakfast on the salty tables and chairs, we threw our bags in the car and squashed ourselves in for more driving. The landscape had changed dramatically since the white and blue views of the salt flats from yesterday, though it was equally as beautiful. Similar to … Continue reading Laguna, Lagunas & More Lagunas

Day 2 – Volcanic Hikes & Cactus Islands

One of the main reasons we booked the four-day tour through the salt flats was because we wanted to spend a night on the salt flats. The usual three-day tour whizzes you through flats and you don’t get to enjoy the unusual landscape at the different times of the day. It took a lot of … Continue reading Day 2 – Volcanic Hikes & Cactus Islands

Uyuni Salt Flats – Day 1

With Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain and La Paz crossed off the official bucket list, I was ready to tick another big item off my agenda. The Uyuni Salt Flats was one of those places I’ve dreamed of being at for a long time and finally my time had come! With my travel buddies Alex, Tommy … Continue reading Uyuni Salt Flats – Day 1

Sucre & The Man-Eating Mines of Potosi

After a hectic four days of partying and tourist-ing in La Paz it was time to escape and give the liver some time to recover. Five of us caught the night bus to Sucre, which is Bolivia’s second largest city but much more quieter than the country’s capital. The night bus was uneventful but long. … Continue reading Sucre & The Man-Eating Mines of Potosi

Livin’ Loco in La Paz

One of the fun parts of travelling is negotiating prices of things. In Bolivia it seems you can haggle on just about anything so the following morning we (Alex, Lottie, Matthias and I) haggled our way onto a cheap bus to La Paz for the bargain price of 18 Bolivianos (about $4AUD). The bus ride … Continue reading Livin’ Loco in La Paz

At the Copa..Copacabanaaaa!

After a lazy start by yours truly, I checked out of the Cozy Hostel and headed into the main square of Puno in search of coffee. I had a few hours to kill before my bus to Copacabana left so I wandered the streets of Puno and found a café to spend some time in. … Continue reading At the Copa..Copacabanaaaa!