My Workaway Experience.

For the past two and a half weeks I've been sitting pretty in the most beautiful part of Turkey. When planning this trip I had the first two weeks set out with B and K joining me and then I was flying solo. Short in money but still wanting to stay in Turkey I looked … Continue reading My Workaway Experience.

Drievliet – The Dutch Disneyland

With some crazy luck I managed to visit two theme parks in two weeks! Considering it had been about three years since my last theme park visit, I was stoked at the chances of this happening. I wrote about Disneyland a week or two ago and now I bring you the Dutch version (sort of) … Continue reading Drievliet – The Dutch Disneyland


  This fine (and slightly windy) Sunday was spent with my two best girlfraaans IB and E. We were the remaining three in our little 'Animals' group and as sad as that was, we weren't gonna let that get us down. After a Friday night thats a little too fuzzy and a more civilised Saturday … Continue reading Parkpop.

10 Things to do in Amsterdam that is better than the Red Light District.

Amsterdam. The name that was conceived from the word Amstelredamme - which pretty much means the city's origin was at the dam of the river Amstel - sparks many different thoughts and opinion from people worldwide. Amsterdam is renown for its casual view on drugs and sexual liberty. It's often the party stop on a person's Europe tour … Continue reading 10 Things to do in Amsterdam that is better than the Red Light District.

A Dutch Easter – Deel Twee (Part Two)

We arrived into Amsterdam after a few minor mishaps with finding a train and found where we were staying for the next two days. I had booked an apartment through AirBnb which was my first time using the website. Definitely can recommend AirBnb for finding accommodation - but more on that in a later post. The … Continue reading A Dutch Easter – Deel Twee (Part Two)

A Dutch Easter – Deel Een (Part 1)

While this isn't my first Easter away from my family, it doesn't get any easier to spend it away from the those who mean the most to you. Skyping home where a mini family reunion was being held was a bittersweet experience as I was so happy to be overseas in Europe, but at the … Continue reading A Dutch Easter – Deel Een (Part 1)

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands The Kinderdijk is a village in the Netherlands that is world famous for the windmills. They are the largest concentration of old windmills in Holland. There are 19 windmills in total and most are still in use. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Kinderdijk is Dutch for 'Children's dike' … Continue reading Kinderdijk, The Netherlands