River Cruising – The Millenial Edition

Mention the words 'river cruising' to anyone under the age of 35 and visions of grey-haired, bum-bag toting tourists spring to mind. River cruises have always been thrown into the 'old person' category of travelling and it didn't look like they would ever evade it. Until now... Uniworld, one of the leading river cruise company's … Continue reading River Cruising – The Millenial Edition

Sightseeing in Paris.

After our day at Disneyland, B, his Mum, sister and I were ready to explore the French capital city. Luckily the Parisian weather Gods were feeling kinder than yesterday and there was actually a bit of blue skies above. We had a slow start but by 10am we were out the door ready to take … Continue reading Sightseeing in Paris.

A Day at Disneyland.

There are some people in this world that stop being obsessed with Disney once they hit puberty and then there are others that are happily infected by the Disney bug for their entire life. I absolutely fall into the latter category, so when my friend B invited me to join him and his Mum and … Continue reading A Day at Disneyland.