Eating at the world’s cheapest Michelin Star restaurant!

Whoever said long layovers are horrible clearly hasn’t made the most of them. After booking the cheapest deal possible to get from Colombo to Mexico City, we discovered that with cheap prices come long layovers. While the journey would take us to almost the other side of the globe, our bargain basement cheap flights also … Continue reading Eating at the world’s cheapest Michelin Star restaurant!

Culture Shocks in Kathmandu

After a bit of a restless night due to Mr Snorelax in the bed above me, I gave up trying to out sleep my alarm and got ready and headed to the airport early. Today I am off to Nepal, which is exciting but slightly terrifying! Before I landed in Nepal I had a six … Continue reading Culture Shocks in Kathmandu

Sweating it out in Singapore..

Here we go again.. After a long (actually I lie, it went bloody fast) 10 months, I am giving the trusty old passport another flogging. Where to this time you might be asking. Well loyal followers (Hi Mum!) I am in the clean, organised island of Singapore... For one whole day and a half. I … Continue reading Sweating it out in Singapore..