Road to Hana – Day One

Truth be told, I didn’t really know anything about the Road to Hana before I booked my flights to Hawaii. But now having done it, all I want to do is tell the world how fantastic it is. The road that spans over approximately 54 miles, has over 600 curves and 59 bridges show cases … Continue reading Road to Hana – Day One

The Day I Almost Climbed to Heaven

Disclaimer: This hike is illegal to do in Oahu. To reach the Stairway to Heaven you have to trespass on government property. While people still continue to climb the stairs, if you are caught there is a chance you will be fined. I, in no way condone this activity… However I thoroughly recommend it. I … Continue reading The Day I Almost Climbed to Heaven

GoPro – Not Just An Action Camera.

Ahh GoPro, the once unknown brand that has become a household name. What was once specialised camera for action sport lovers, has transformed into an everyday camera. Every man and his dog know owns one. In fact, GoPro just released a harness that you can put on your dog to capture life from their perspective. … Continue reading GoPro – Not Just An Action Camera.