EBC Trek – Dingboche to Lobuche

After a relaxing day yesterday we were ready and firing to go to Lobuche. It had been a long afternoon yesterday and most of us were just eager to get even further into the trek. We left Dingboche around 8am and headed off the same direction as yesterday - up. Once we climbed a little … Continue reading EBC Trek – Dingboche to Lobuche

Snorkelling and Volcanic Sunsets.

Our last day in Maui! The last couple of days went by so fast. We'd been nearly all around the island, been through coastal, rainforest and volcanic landscapes and eaten our body weight in M&Ms (they have some many different kinds!) We had big plans for a massive last day in Maui so we woke … Continue reading Snorkelling and Volcanic Sunsets.

The Road to Hana: Part 2 – Takin’ The Long Way Round

We left Joe’s early ready for another day of exploring the coast of Maui. This part of the island was often bypassed because the road is a bit unstable for a few kilometres and can void a rental car agreement if an accident occurs. Also, the 'tourist' way to go is to drive to Hana … Continue reading The Road to Hana: Part 2 – Takin’ The Long Way Round

Road to Hana – Day One

Truth be told, I didn’t really know anything about the Road to Hana before I booked my flights to Hawaii. But now having done it, all I want to do is tell the world how fantastic it is. The road that spans over approximately 54 miles, has over 600 curves and 59 bridges show cases … Continue reading Road to Hana – Day One

Made it to Maui!

After our monumental hike, we had to hightail back to Waikiki to drop off our Jeep and go to the airport to catch our flight to Maui. Fuelled by coffee, we managed to get to Waikiki in record time and after doing a few circles in search of a fuel station we said goodbye to … Continue reading Made it to Maui!

The Day I Almost Climbed to Heaven

Disclaimer: This hike is illegal to do in Oahu. To reach the Stairway to Heaven you have to trespass on government property. While people still continue to climb the stairs, if you are caught there is a chance you will be fined. I, in no way condone this activity… However I thoroughly recommend it. I … Continue reading The Day I Almost Climbed to Heaven

Turtles, Temples & Tanning

Last night I slept hard, like uber hard. When I woke at 8am it was so hard to open my eyes. We were four days into the trip but I felt like the jetlag was just kicking in. I guess going from full-time work to full-time travel is harder than it sounds. Forcing myself out … Continue reading Turtles, Temples & Tanning