Back in Lima (and getting sentimental)

Even though staying so long in Chile wasn’t originally on the cards, I was so glad I got to see some of this amazing country. That’s one of the best things about travelling; your plans can change in an instant! I made it to Santiago Airport after a disaster of a morning when nothing went … Continue reading Back in Lima (and getting sentimental)

Frog Milkshakes & Alligator Heads – Braving The Gamarra Markets

*Disclaimer: Some of these photos are gross, just saying* In my last couple of days in Lima, I was pretty content with what I’d seen. I’d made great new friends, seen cool things, eaten amazing food and had a bunch of fun. Though there was one thing that I’d heard about that I was very … Continue reading Frog Milkshakes & Alligator Heads – Braving The Gamarra Markets

Discovering Central Lima

I went into downtown Lima twice while I was there, but would have loved to have gone back many more times. From Miraflores, you could either take the 45-minute bus ride into the centre, or catch the Metro, which costs a few soles more, but took half the time. I’ve travelled both ways and definitely … Continue reading Discovering Central Lima

Barranco in Pictures

Every city needs a neighbourhood where the creative folk gather, where opinions are expressed on street walls and the best bars and cafes exist. In Lima, this neighbourhood is called Barranco and it is every bit as bohemian and artsy as they say. This groovy part of town is better shown through pictures than words, … Continue reading Barranco in Pictures

Visiting the Circuito Mágico del Agua

Lima is a bustling city full of things to see and do. It's sad because it often gets overlooked by its more popular neighbour Cusco, but what people are missing are the hidden things that takes time to discover. I'd been in Lima for a few days and was starting to get a feel for … Continue reading Visiting the Circuito Mágico del Agua

Hello Lima!

It may have taken over 40 hours but I finally arrived in Lima! After flying from Honolulu to Dallas I had a five hour layover until I boarded my next flight to Miami. Once I reached Miami it was about 6pm and I went straight to my hostel in South Beach to zonk out. I … Continue reading Hello Lima!