The Day I Got Chased By A Rhino

“Don’t make eye contact, don't look, don't look! Okay run, RUN!” The three of us bolted, following the zig-zag pattern that our guide was doing to throw them off course. My camera bag bounced against my hip as I ran, my heart raced and the sweat started to drip down my face. The branches on [...]

Day 10 – Coffee, Op-shops and the World of Wearable Art Museum.

I won't lie - today we all woke up with a ripper hangover. Thank you very much Nelson and your delicious wine. After a shaky and slow start we left Mimi in the New World car park for a little longer while we searched for coffee to kick this hangover. S and B got distracted [...]

Day 9 continued – Seals, New Zealand’s longest swing bridge and camping at a supermarket.

For a day that we had made absolutely no plans for, it turned out to be one of our busiest and jam-packed days! After saying our goodbyes to Pancake Rocks with one final selfie, we jumped back in Mimi and planned on cutting across the top of the top island towards Nelson. What was becoming a [...]

Day 9 – A wild night at the beach and pancakes at Pancake Rocks.

We made it to Greymouth with just enough daylight to suss out our free camping spot for the night. Using the Jucy app yet again (this thing was a lifesaver!) we found a secluded spot by the beach just outside the windy city. Greymouth itself wasn't much to look at - it seemed like a [...]

Day 8 – Rustic style camping and eating our bodyweight in cheese and chocolate.

After our slightly creepy visit to Tekapo, we were more than pleased to be driving away. Passing through teeny tiny, blink-and-you'll-miss-it towns, we searched for a place to camp for the night. The Musterer's High Country Accommodation caught our eye and we pulled in hoping they had a free space. Musterer's High Country Accommodation are [...]

Day 6 – Burgers and the Beauty of Wanaka

The arrival into Wanaka is nothing short of beautiful. The snow capped mountains surround the sapphire coloured lake and the tree lined streets are full of delicious cafes and funky shops. It was getting to the point in our trip that we were becoming a bit blasé towards the scenery. "Oh look, another beautiful snowy [...]

Day 5 – Free Camping At The Prettiest Spot In NZ and A Morning In Arrowtown

I don't think I went into enough detail about our night at Lake Hayes. It was so much lovelier than the small paragraph I gave it in the previous post so I'll try again - lets just rewind back to where we pulled up at Lake Hayes. First of all you should know we came [...]