Exploring Old Kathmandu

Back into the craziness Kathmandu and it wasnt long before I was wishing I was still high in the mountains where it was a bit cooler and quieter! Kathmandu is a dusty, hot jumble of people, motorbikes and stray dogs. After being in a car-free environment for almost two weeks, it was a bit of [...]

At the Copa..Copacabanaaaa!

After a lazy start by yours truly, I checked out of the Cozy Hostel and headed into the main square of Puno in search of coffee. I had a few hours to kill before my bus to Copacabana left so I wandered the streets of Puno and found a café to spend some time in. [...]

Barranco in Pictures

Every city needs a neighbourhood where the creative folk gather, where opinions are expressed on street walls and the best bars and cafes exist. In Lima, this neighbourhood is called Barranco and it is every bit as bohemian and artsy as they say. This groovy part of town is better shown through pictures than words, [...]

Visiting the Circuito Mágico del Agua

Lima is a bustling city full of things to see and do. It's sad because it often gets overlooked by its more popular neighbour Cusco, but what people are missing are the hidden things that takes time to discover. I'd been in Lima for a few days and was starting to get a feel for [...]

The Road to Hana: Part 2 – Takin’ The Long Way Round

We left Joe’s early ready for another day of exploring the coast of Maui. This part of the island was often bypassed because the road is a bit unstable for a few kilometres and can void a rental car agreement if an accident occurs. Also, the 'tourist' way to go is to drive to Hana [...]

Made it to Maui!

After our monumental hike, we had to hightail back to Waikiki to drop off our Jeep and go to the airport to catch our flight to Maui. Fuelled by coffee, we managed to get to Waikiki in record time and after doing a few circles in search of a fuel station we said goodbye to [...]

The Day I Almost Climbed to Heaven

Disclaimer: This hike is illegal to do in Oahu. To reach the Stairway to Heaven you have to trespass on government property. While people still continue to climb the stairs, if you are caught there is a chance you will be fined. I, in no way condone this activity… However I thoroughly recommend it. I [...]