Heading to Chitwan National Park

After a day in Kathmandu, I said goodbye to C and made my way to Chitwan National Park. After another deeeelightful bus journey that was supposed to take five hours but took nine, I finally made it to my destination. It was hot, humid and nowhere as busy as Kathmandu! I liked it already. Chitwan … Continue reading Heading to Chitwan National Park

Peaceful Pokhara

This morning was an early start. C and I had to be at the bus station 6:15am for our bus to Pokhara and after a pretty cruisy couple of days, it was a bit hard to function at this hour of the morning. Thankfully the bus station was easy to find and by 6:30am we … Continue reading Peaceful Pokhara

Snorkelling and Volcanic Sunsets.

Our last day in Maui! The last couple of days went by so fast. We'd been nearly all around the island, been through coastal, rainforest and volcanic landscapes and eaten our body weight in M&Ms (they have some many different kinds!) We had big plans for a massive last day in Maui so we woke … Continue reading Snorkelling and Volcanic Sunsets.


I've always been a fan of beautiful sunsets. My favourite time of day is when the sun has gone below the horizon but the sky is still filled with light. One thing I never expected from The Hague was incredible sunsets. Most of the time the country is covered in a thick cloud, blocking the … Continue reading Sunsets.