Ahh Edinburgh, the big old grey city with a wealth of history and a rich Scottish culture. I know cities tend to just be the same, but there’s just something about Edinburgh that makes it unique. It might have something to do with the huge castle plonked on top of the hill overlooking the city, … Continue reading Edinburgh!

Cumbrian Heavy Horses

Today’s events are why I love travelling 🙂 Mum, Dad and I had left Starbotton in the direction of the beautiful Lake District. All we had was accommodation for the night booked in Keswick, about a two-hour drive away. The rest of the day was up to us to fill. We had stopped in the … Continue reading Cumbrian Heavy Horses

Youlegreave and the Suffolk Horse Spectacular!

Driving through the English countryside is just a party for the eyes. Especially being a country girl, the huge green paddocks, the flocks of sheep and the quiet roads tend to bring on a sense of home. It was a particular windy drive through Derbyshire and the Peak District, I felt a bit ill as … Continue reading Youlegreave and the Suffolk Horse Spectacular!

Meeting the Folks – Back in London Town

My time in Turkey came to an end quicker than I had anticipated and before I knew it, it was time to leave and meet my parents in the UK. A solid 15 hours of travelling including three airports, five hours sleeping on an airport bench, two dodgy airplane meals, one expensive box of Turkish … Continue reading Meeting the Folks – Back in London Town