Tayrona National Park

We were back in Santa Marta and ready to tick off another one of Colombia's must-do things. The Tayrona National Park was about a two hour bus ride from Santa Marta and super cheap, thanks to the local buses. Tayrona National Park not only has an immense natural importance on the region, but also it … Continue reading Tayrona National Park

Diving in Tagana

To be honest, I hadn't really considered scuba diving in South America. But then again, I hadn't really planned much past Cusco and here I was in Colombia by the Caribbean coast so I guess anything could happen. Like the majority of the things that I'd done so far, I'd heard from other travellers that scuba … Continue reading Diving in Tagana

A Holiday From a Holiday in Palomino

It was time. I'd been gallivanting around South America for about four and a bit months now and was surprised at how worn out I was getting at playing tourist. Whoever said travelling was a walk in the park obviously has only been on all-inclusive holidays. This travelling business is just as hard as a job, … Continue reading A Holiday From a Holiday in Palomino

Cartagena Part 2: Playing Tourist

I'd been living the high life in Cartagena for the first three days but I actually hadn't seen much of the city. We'd spent so much time in enjoying the luxury of our own apartment that sightseeing had taken a backseat. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time living it up in style, I was also … Continue reading Cartagena Part 2: Playing Tourist

Getting Beachy..

It had been about three and a half months since I’d left Australia and only twice had I been to the beach. After spending some much time in cities and in high altitude all this little black duck wanted to do was have some quality beach time. After we returned to Huaraz, L and I … Continue reading Getting Beachy..

Trekking the Santa Cruz Trail

After a solid but not long enough sleep, L and I woke at 5:30am to be picked up for our Santa Cruz trek. Still tired from the day before I stayed awake long enough to put my bags in the van and find a window seat before falling asleep again. When I woke a short … Continue reading Trekking the Santa Cruz Trail

Lost My Breath at Laguna 69

Laguna 69 is a place that I've never heard of before I stepped onto South American soil. It was in Lima the first time when I heard about this incredible place. A couple I had met had just come from Huaraz and told me it was an absolute must-do in Peru. After seeing their photos … Continue reading Lost My Breath at Laguna 69